TV Day

Last night I was in the studio for three hours working on three songs with my pal, Marty Lester, for a new nationally televised children’s show. I found out yesterday about the need for a theme song, and I was determined to send in something creative, fun and silly. The producers are in L.A. I will let you know if I get the gig:
the show is called FIREHOUSE TALES, about a little fire engine named Pete and his pals Chief, Tip and Squirt. Oh, and Milky, the ice cream truck, who is Pete’s best friend.

Today, I auditioned for an ABC show called SWITCH. The casting director called last night. If I got this gig, I would switch places with someone in the U.S. for four days…they would live my life, I would live theirs, for four days. So, they would have to write in my blog, perform on stage playing my guitar and singing my songs, take my kids to school and make their breakfast, lunch and dinner (!!), work in the recording studio, read my email and weed my garden… basically….be me! And I would end up in Alaska as a fisherman, or a dumptruck driver in NYC, or a brain surgeon or whatever…hmm! Could get wacky! I’ll let you know about that, too.

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  • Holly


    Now THAT would be hysterical…I really think Sara should put that on an album someday…everytime I hear that version of it I am immediately happy and laughing!!!!!! Those of you at the San Antonio concert last November know what we are talking about!!

  • BigJimSTL


    LOL – If you have somebody trade places with you, we have to make them sing the Take It Like A Man song in the way you did in San Antonio – talking about that old ‘poopy chair’ Hee hee!

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