SATURDAY—drove to Dallas with Lance. Played kids show at 3 at Poor David’s Pub! Had a MOSH PIT with jumping, jumping happy funny chatty kids!!! Ate dinner at Spaghetti Warehouse!!! In a cable car!!! Alone with Lance! Drove to hotel! Changed clothes!! Made it back to Poor David’s for the adult show!!! Lance ran sound! Diana helped sell cds! During show, I realized almost the entire class from the Crossings was in attendance, and thought I would FLIP but could not go on ad-nauseum about their genius spirits for fear of alienating rest of audience!!!! Sang songs! Played guitar! Talked and talked to genuine and nice people! Went with Cindy and Sara and Diana to Whataburger!!! Sat outside until almost 2 a.m. on the benches at a Target, all of us yammering and dipping fries into catsup and playing catch-up and enjoying the beginning of another year of friendship/love because it was the dawn of Lance’s and my 6th wedding anniversary!!! Nighthawks were flying overheard, their eerie screeches wrenching the darkness, but our laughter continued.
Cars drove by!!

SUNDAY….Lance and I got up. Showered. Lance said funny things! Made me bust my gut laughing! Got in the car!!! Drove on!
On towards Austin!! Stopped for breakfast at Chubby’s! I had the breakfast special, he had the breakfast special with french toast! I had tea with LOADS of yummy cream!! We read the paper!! We hopped in the car and continued on, driving just over the speed limit. Made it home. Lance took a nap. I was gathering items and acting low-key because I had told him I was throwing him a dinner party at Mickey’s house for our anniversary. I left the house to go to Mickey’s, but I wasn’t prepping for a dinner party… I was getting ready for … A WEDDING!!!

That’s right…I have been planning a renewal of our vows at our church for months now….and Lily was the ringbearer! iolana was the flower girl! Matching cream, antique lace dresses with leopard print flats!!! Lance’s dad rolled down the aisle in his wheelchair! Lance’s mom, sister and best friend (Todd) standing at the front of the chapel with our minister, Kathleen!!!!
And I am behind Lance’s dad in my original wedding dress….IT STILL FITS!!! Except, for some reason, my breasts seemed bigger…?Teresa brought flowers, flower petals, and picked up the cakes I had pre-ordered weeks ago…chocolate groom’s cake with BEVO on top (Lance and his dad love UT) and a small italian creme cake with a sunflower on top complete with our original broom and gride. I mean groom and bride. After the wedding, we retired downstairs to eat cake and clink glasses (our original champage glasses…now full of bubbling apple cider!) and take pictures and giggle and ooh and aah and relax.

IT was LOVELINESS. Utter joy!!! I love my family!! I love the shows!! I love making music!! I love my new guitar!!! I love Takamine!!! I love dolphins!!! I love this computer!!! I love being MARRIED!!! I love my kids and my parents and my front yard and God and snacks and all the people who are helping on this recording which is ALSO GOING FABULOUS and I promise to write more about the songs and ins and outs of making a record….

Sorry I missed PIRATE DAY!! Daggnabit!!!

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  • barbara


    Your happiness brought tears to my eyes Sara! You are so deserving of every blessing that you have simply because you give so much of yourself away to others.
    You are the epitome of the more you give the more you get.
    I love you Sara Hickman!

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