Update on the Imam

This is an update on a meeting that was supposed to take place on behalf of the Imam’s situation, sent from one of his represenatives. For those of you wanting to be kept abreast of everything, here is the latest info:

The meeting did not take place last week as ICE’s represenative was out of
the office. It is scheduled for Wednesday now. The letters have been
very useful. There was one letter to be signed by a lot of people. Is this
ready now?

Please convey our appreciation to the AAIM board for all their
assistance. I believe it can make a critical difference.

I will keep you posted as soon as we have some developments. We
are pressing from all angles to get some answers this week. If not then we need to
go full blast with a national media campaign the following week.

I also await a response form Homeland Security in Washington.


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