vic heyman

i am finding myself between smiles of memories
and tears of heartloss
at the news of vic heyman in the hospital
transitioning between the known
and the unknown

and i know that vic will look at me with
his big warm eyes and impish grin
when i catch up to him
on the other side…
we’ll laugh out loud with sponatenous recognition
and delight
as he will be ready to share the
i’ve yet to hear.

sweet dreams, vic
i love you

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  • Vic was surrounded by his family and a few dedicated folkies bearing songs, stories and tears. He felt he had a great run and was one of the lucky ones. Toast to all that’s good and give what you can to others. That is what my Dad would want, for sure. Thanks for the poem. ~ with love from his daughter

  • Very nice tribute to Dad. Thanks….

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