What Girls Talk About in a Dirty Van

Well, Kristin went to Tom PR and Carey’s wedding here in Austin so we’ve been talking about that…and how moving and joy filled it was…and then the Kerrville wedding, which was huge and flowers everywhere and how Tom is going to get to go to India for his grandfather’s 100th birthday because everyone chipped in and bought him an airline ticket!!! What a moving tribute to the love TPR has shared, and how those who love him have celebrated his circle of giving.

We talk about our dreams, we talk about our disappointments. We are talking about the show, and practicing a lot out loud as we drive along.
So, I have to go back to practicing….I am excited. This is the first time Kristin and I have gotten to sing the new songs together.

I’m looking forward to seeing Devin Pike, who first alerted me to the blogathon. He will be at the show tonight, blogging as well. So if anyone in the Fort Worth area is actually reading these posts, and wants to come out and see me blogging live (during a show!) this would be the day/night to do it.

And then you can hear Kristin sing, and me sing, and watch Eddy play some incredible keyboard. While our new guitarist, Allison, grooves along.

(Ok, Allison is really me. Just thought it would be fun to have an alter ego for a second.)

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