What We Have Seen

Not very many cows, which is odd, which says to me there is too much development going on along I-35

Too many one person drivers in too many brand new cars, which tells me the economy is better for some people….at least the ones on the road
with shiny new cars. Although I did see one funky one, about twenty miles back. It was plum colored and had a dash board full of junk (papers and such) and I was surprised the fifty something hippie driving it could see anything over his steering wheel except decaying NY Times. I think it was
an old Camaro, but he was driving on the far side of the highway, opposite direction, so didn’t really get past thinking about why someone would keep so much crud in their line of visual impact.

The weather has been overcast, which is good because it has been searing hot and sunny in Austin for way too long…and heading towards Ft. Worth can usually mean it is going to get even hotter…..but the AC has been blowing just fine

We have not seen a Starbucks as this is the part of the drive where there isn’t much at all…we’re veering off I-35 at the split to FW so there is a lot of prarie. I have a feeling this entry will be late. Hang in there with me, people! I hear ya cheering! Thank you for your bloggin’ love!

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