What Will Your List Say? Go ahead, make up a list for yourself!

Here’s my list of blessings for the last week:

Coffee with Nina and Lucky Dog yesterday at Flip’s. Nina has eyes like the ocean and they sparkle like an imp! We caught up on
family, loves, kids, life…Thank you, Nina! (and Lucky) Nina, we must run to the sea together and dip our toes in the foam! We must!
I adore you! Thank you for always being so generous and spontaneous with your affection! You are my heart!

Hearing Eric from the Teton Orchestra’s arrangement of my song “To A Maddening Ghost”. Oh, wow. Tears. Can you see them
flowing down my cheeks? Eric. What can I say. It is going to be a beautiful night in October!!!

Working on the song ideas for the future recording with Sammy Nestico/Dallas Wind Symphony. This is going to be crazy good.

Gene helping to set up the Babygift site on my website…Gene, you can never know the gratitude my heart holds for you. Everyone is amazed by
my site and you deserve 100% credit for all you create, give and do. Thank you, thank you, bless you, love you, thank you Gene!!! (Crowd goes
wild here!)

Dan being so gracious at Dan’s Silver Leaf, Denton, TX
The folks who showed up to hear more about the death penalty at Dan’s Silver Leaf
Hearing Carl Finch sing “Fairytale” and knowing where he was singing from within his soul. God bless you, Carl! I think the world of you.
Mayor John Cook, his lovely wife, and Robert coming all the way from El Paso to share their time on behalf of the MUSIC FOR LIFE dialogue…thank you, thank you!
Hanging out with Bob and Jean Van Steenburg after the event for pizza and wine on the Denton Square. Meeting the groovy folks at Wine2, who helped me select a
bottle of wine. Bob and Jean: I love you.
Having a hotel room to rest my head after the emotional evening.

Date night on Wed. with Lance, Neil and Teresa. At Mother’s. I had veggie stroganoff with mushrooms! More joy, more sweetness. Thank you, Neil and Teresa!

Working at Austin School of Film to do voice over for five SPU segments for the SPU website….Thanks, Anthony! Great job.

Mollie: You were so good to deliver the meal to Christal and Michael. Thank you, thank you!

To the young lady who crashed her car into the folks behind me Tuesday night (who subsequently ran into me in my husband’s car)…I am thinking good thoughts
and hope you can turn your life around. Please don’t drink and drive anymore, and there is a lesson for all of us in this. To the witness who stopped and stayed
to talk with the police, thank you! To David Murray and Robin Rather and Kristina Minor…thanks for stopping and asking if I was ok….Friends rock.

Austin Woman Panel on Tuesday…what a luncheon! What fabulous dialogue! Judy Maggio, you have a moonbeam for a smile! Sarah Bird, your wit leaves me grinning ear
to ear (those were fun time in The Dick Monologues together, but even more fun is knowing you now!), Susan Combs: you took me to the place you grew up and I could hear your
father’s voice…that was stunning…Bev from UT Track and Field: you are an angel shining with inspiration. Everyone was in love with you! Thank you for sharing your story.
Deb Lynn, you crack me up. Austin Woman: Thanks for five great years of promoting local Austin women and sharing the energy of who we are. Keep up the excellent journalism!
And to all the folks who served the food, prepared the food, and cleaned up after the luncheon, thank you. Without you there would have been no event. You honored us and I want to

Monday: Thanks to J at the Dallas Arboretum for the tour in the golf cart of the 66 acres. iolana and I had a marvelous time! To all the parents who brought their kids out into the 180 degree
sunshine, thank you. And thank you to the kids for their never ending, sweaty, heartfelt enthusiasm. To Charles, thank you for setting up the sound equipment. To the Sunshine Family…wow wow! Was I happy to see you all after all these years, and only sorry we didn’t get to chat longer. Lunch? Dinner? Cruise? Ha ha! and to iolana, for flying up to Dallas with me for a mother/daughter day after my performance at the Arb….you totally rock, kid. I loved bowling with you, I loved spending an hour and a half playing pool (you know what bet to let down now, don’t you?) and for enjoying Barbec’s as much as I always have. To the women at Barbec’s…thanks for finding out if Jupiter Lanes was open so we could go. Thanks for serving our food with a smile. I love your Texas accents!

Sunday: Kerrville. What can I say except I am always a little nervous and a lot of awe that I get to be up on mainstage, sharing my songs, and ribbing Rod Kennedy simultaneously. Dalis, you
always look fresh even in all that dust and sweat. You are the Kerrville Duchess. Queen is too stuffy, and you aren’t stuffy at all. Kristin, thank you for calming my nerves and for the water and the checking in to see how I was doing. Thank you for your beautiful voice! I love being with you, on and off stage, through travels and trevails. Amy Meyers: your cd is lovely, and thank you for the copy. I love your girlfriend. Cindy is just a hoot, I can tell, but a CALM hoot. Thinking about it now, you are a kind, calm hoot, too! That smile…whoo! Is it contagious or what? And let’s not forget Madalyn Sklar….oh, sister! You know I loved drawing on your arm! And to all the folks I talked with before and after….you make everyday an adventure and I’m always happy to run into old/new friends. Thanks to all who came up to offer to volunteer for the MUSIC FOR LIFE event. Man. That was something! I ‘m glad I sang “20 Years to Life” (thank you Tricia Mitchell and Monte Warden) and talked about the tour. Thanks to Jon and Francie Charles for the Boys & Girls Club songwriting camp for all those marvelous, deserving kids who get to come every summer to Kerrville and learn to express themselves through music.

Saturday’s event at the Austin Children’s Museum was excellent because: the kids were stellar! The parents were available! The museum is colorful! I won a Wii for the girls! Adam ran sound and did an excellent job and bought one of my cds so I would have enough money to bid on the Wii. GOD BLESS YOU, Adam! You are a good man in the making! (Let’s hear no more crap about how
teenage boys are bad. Who are they talking about? Adam, ya set the mark, my friend!)

To Shams and the Muslim Health Fair: I was glad to be a volunteer and met so many incredible Muslims. I wish the Hispanic Community next door could have known about the event and utilized the free health services. Thanks to the nurses who let me work at their table while they drew blood. You were smiley women with big hearts!

To Marty Lester and his family: Thanks for Friday. We had a stupendous time at Romeo’s eating dinner and celebrating afterwards at Marty’s with that chocolate/cherry ice cream…Whoo! Ya bite the little chocolate balls and out squirts cherry goo…in the middle of cherry ice cream! Who knew? Ringo, you are a dog like no other. Now stop jumping on Marty’s furniture!

And to Lance…thank you, honey. You know why. Don’t you? If you don’t, I’ll find you and make sure you know why.

And to you…whether I know you or not. Thank you. Have an exceptional day. Surprise someone in your neighborhood with some posies. Or just kiss your dog. Or swing in your hammock.
Or write a letter to a long lost friend. Or make your thank you list and post it on your blog.

All this energy needs to be shared! To love! To life! To Mal Banks! To my mom! To my nephew, Milo! To Harriet Tubman, my hero!

Off to New Mexico

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  • Sara, you are one cool chick. You can draw on my arm anytime!

    Love ya,

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