working hard

this week in the studio, the first two days, today being the second of the two, i have been working on vocals. fixing vocals, singing vocals, re-singing vocals, putting on harmonies, putting on more harmonies, bringing in other singers to put on harmonies…fun stuff! my engineer, ned, has the temperament of a calm day…light and breezy and in it for the music. great guy!

tomorrow ruthie foster and gretchen phillips come in to sing! brad evilsizer comes in to put on percussion! thursday…horn overdubs! whoo! i can’t wait to hear the charts that john mills wrote…he is a master and has played on many of my other cds…who knows what tv show he played on with me? there are two of them…a free super sara summer surprise will come in the mail TO YOU if you guess both…must be the first one….(must enter your guess here)….

friday…i can not believe it and i am so happy to announce that….oh, wait…i’ll keep something of a surprise for you. i’ll talk about friday (and sunday) next week.

but i do have NAME REMOVED TO PROTECT THE HAPPY AFTERNOON ENCOUNTER coming to play accordian and a new fellow, eddie collins, coming to play BANJO!!!

gotta go back to work, just wanted to dip my toes into the pool of cool summer love and say HOW – DO to each of you…

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  • Avi


    Dear Sara,
    We LOOOOOOOOOOOVE your music. I’ve gotten all three of your kids’ cds and my kids (ages 5 and 19 mos) can’t get enough of you. My 19 mos old knows the words by heart to several of your songs (his favorites are bubbles, walking and chug, chug…henei rakevet). We have been listening to your cds every day for weeks now and no one yet is tired of them!! I’ve turned several of my friends on to you. We would be so thrilled if you ever came to play in our area—we live in Maryland!
    We discovered you at our library–what a fabulous find.

    Best Wishes and hope to hear more of your music very soon.

    Big Fan of yours,


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