bless you all for the calls, the love via email. we had a long, slow day. some of it swirly and strange; most of it beautiful and spiritual.

after visiting the funeral home with my mother-in-law and husband this morning, we took the girls out of school early and went to a park to release prayers and balloons. it was healing and to watch the balloons fly higher and higher…well, there was the beautiful symbolism of letting go.

in honor of ron’s life, i will be attending the invisible children rally tomorrow night at capitol. this is a movement i suspect i will grow more deeply involved in. i encourage you to visit the website and learn more.

this has been a week of intensity…from sending 750 promo cds to radio/press to the death of a loved one. life is full and i am ready to continue full steam, loving every step of the way. i am committed to this world, to this music, to this moment.

in gratitude,

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  • Brenda


    beautiful and moving~ hugs for your loss and kisses for your pleasures. a grateful heart will see you through.

    all good things to you and yours~

  • Dear Sara
    Lossing a love one is very painful and only time can heal. Death as a part of life tell us that everything is continuously changing, transforming….never ‘dying’.
    There’s a nice poem written by Sharon Kortas, that I want to share with you:


    When all was quiet
    And we were sad
    Thinking of the
    Times we’d had
    A butterfly
    Then came to us
    Flew around
    Without a rush

    Showed us how
    He’d been set free
    Drifting off
    Where we can’t see

    Helped us know
    He’s on his way
    We’ll treasure this
    Each passing day.-

    Wishing you and your family the best,

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