This is what I have experienced in the last week:

Spoke at Leon Springs Elementary for 200 teachers about “Living in the Light”.
The theater had beach blankets and beach chairs and beach balls, so all the teachers got to chill while I performed for them…Fourteen thumbs up! I LOVE TEACHERS!!! What they impart is so magnificent. I truly enjoyed Dana and Kathy, the women who brought me to the conference. I called them the smiling bookends! Oh! And you just know the snacks totally rocked…I had these chocolate brownies with peanut butter in the middle….ahhh…I tried to save you, gentle reader, just one of these delicious, devilish delights…but, alas, I ate them all. Oh! And I asked this husky, tall man to come up and help on “Iolana”, and I was joking how there was no time for chop chop, get on up on the stage already what are you a P.E. instructor? Then he started hot footin’ it to the stage, and when I asked him what kind of teacher he was, he replied, “I teach P.E.!” Ha ha ha ha. That was a good one! OH OH! And I’m so happy because the performance was videotaped…I just NEVER think to do that, so thanks to DANA for taping it, and I hope I can put some clips on the website, so when people say, “What do you do at these talks?” I can say, “Watch this, please!”
And maybe post that brownie recipe, too!

Tish Hinojosa has asked us (Stingray) to create her new cd booklet. We did
“Sign of Truth” for her, as well, so I am looking forward to making another one.
Thinking beautiful images, yellows, oranges….warmth and sweetness.

I saw an Outlet Mall in San Marcos with an Outlet Storage Space across the highway. That made me laugh! Do people buy so much stuff that they just drive across the highway and store it?

Met Rupert Neve tonight. He had on a soft suedelike shirt and smelled like Old Spice, my favorite cologne. I told him I had recorded many times on his board at Cedar Creek Recording with Fred Remmert. What a warm board. I made “Spiritual Appliances” and the second “Domestic Science Club” cd there.
Also, some of “Necessary Angels”. It was an honor to finally meet this great man. We were at a NARAS Social at Cuba Libre…

Saw Hope Young and met Kathy and we talked about music therapy and the importance of music on the soul.

I sang at Judy Wisch’s 50th birthday party in Dallas at the swell Contemporary Arts Theatre off Greenville Avenue. Wow! Except for the oddly leaning floor, this old church has been converted into a magnificent theatre. Brad, Zirkel and I enjoyed the car trip up, even though poor Brad had a horrendous tooth ache.
I mistakenly thought we began at five, altho we weren’t scheduled to play until 9:30 pm…so, we shopped on Greenville. Brad bought a new earring (drummers!) and I bought clothes (girl vocalists!) and Zirkel checked out the Hamburger Man in the parking lot (bass players! food!) We had a sweet gig…
the best part was when little Jacob, Judy’s four year old son, came up and sang
“Coolness by Mistake” to his mom. We (the band) were trying to play oh-so-quietly so everyone could hear his sweet, soulful voice (he didn’ t want to sing on the mic…don’t blame him!) It brought the house down…The best gift of all…love.

Todd Wolfson took the most amazing pictures I have seen yet of my sweet girls and me (eating pancakes at Kirbey Lane!! standing among flowers! on stairs! next to mustard colored walls!) The man is a genius. He has got to make a coffee table book. He is just so so so so so talented. We got together so he could shoot me in some of Linda Holt’s jeans for “In Style” magazine….that will be exciting when they run! I’ll probably only be 1/2″ tall, but I’ll let you know what issue…anyway, back to Todd…my girls look like dream angels, band members from London in their groovy clothes, the light swirling around them with their faces all aglow, the actresses popping out of them before the click…
Thank you, Todd, wherever you are tonight…Know you have made this mom
incredibly delighted with your quick eye and keen heart.

I’ve been enjoying cooking…I made homemade meatloaf the other night…I am talking FROM SCRATCH! Mmm…with brown sugar on top! That’s right…you haven’t had a meal to I’VE MADE YOU ONE! Complete with a glorious salad (yellow bell peppers, fresh lettuce, homegrown tomatoes, cottage cheese, croutons, Paul Newman’s dressing…), baked potato and lima beans! Oh! And homemade BISCUITS! Get the honey! We’re going to Ma Hickman’s!!!

We are reading the “Little Prince”. I probably already mentioned that. Sorry if I have mommyitis! We are on chapter 15…We read about three chapters each night to the girls…

Tired now…must…sleep….but I will dream of a peaceful planet…

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  • Dana


    Fourteen CHEERS for Sara! (that is for the fourteen thumbs up) Our teachers are definitely LIVING IN THE LIGHT and they loveeeeee Sara Hickman! I walked by a couple of teachers today in the hall and the discussion was something like this, “Oh my goodness…have you listened to BIG KID?”…”No, I’ve been listening to TODDLER!”…”You have got to hear BIG KID, let’s trade CDs for the day!”

    Sara, you made us laugh, and cry, and think, and laugh more! I cannot tell you how special your visit was to our school. My heart is full and happy because I was able to be part of that incredible experience. We can’t wait for you to come back…a common theme among the day’s evaluations was “SARA…ENCORE”! I love love love that! Thank you so much being the awesome and amazing YOU and for sharing that with us smile

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