20 of 21

20 of the 21 songs are now mixed, and my feelings about this album are so strong and deep. In all the years I’ve been making albums, this one, to me, is the culmination of what I’ve learned as a singer, songwriter and, most importantly, producer.

I’ve really grown in this capacity, as a producer, and it thrills me like nothing else to have a vision, pull together the right musicians and engineers and make art. Finessing a recording, pulling out what makes a song special, finding the right sound or EQ or compression or balance…I love it. I love sitting in the studio’s control room and explaining what is in my head…bringing the nuances to life. Painting textures and landscapes with sound.

I would really enjoy producing other people, especially other singer/songwriters. However, it is a huge job, a detail oriented job. It has all the elements of being a director, a psychologist, an explorer…and a choreographer of dates and times. Sadly, however, the amount of time an experienced producer puts into a project is way beyond the local budget. If I was still a single woman, I’d do projects without a care, but with a family and limited time on my hands, this dream will probably have to wait for a later year.

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  • barbara


    I have no doubt that you will one day do just as you want with that “career shift”– once the girls are in college and independant you will be hearing that voice calling and you will be ready.
    Your love for people is amazing. And that will be transported thru other musicians work, of that I am sure!

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