48 Hours

My birthday was Tuesday. Lance and the girls could not have loved me more. Lance gave me many goodies (including flowers, gift certificates for music and books (yes!!!) and dinner out), Lily gave me her favorite crystal rock (gorgeous!) and iolana gave me a tiny red bear to squeeze. We ended the day by going to the easiest claw in town and Lily won a purple puppy. Every time I thought it was the last quarter for the slot, Lance would flip out another one and say, “One more, Sara.” Ooh, When he says my name, it makes me all wobbly. Mmm.

And the doorbell rang and more flowers came and thank you.

Bruce’s funeral was yesterday. That was the most moving, and joy filled, funeral service I have ever attended. I left and went back into the world renewed to continue hugging complete strangers.

Before the funeral, I was at a luncheon at the top of the Bank One building downtown Austin. I was the entertainment for legislator’s wives, a club that meets every year and a half. Wives of past legislators and current legislators.

Last night, I was on a panel with Kinky Friedman, David Garza, Jerry Jeff Walker, Marcia Ball (could she be any more lovely and kind? I think not…and let’s not forget TALENTED out the wazoo. What a voice..what a piano player!), Carolyn Wonderland (love her…what a sweetheart…again, what a voice! what a guitarist! what a passion!), Tony Scalzo (my new favorite…gosh! is he talented! like the songs of Elton John of old)…Harold McMillan and Gavin Lance and three UT professors…It was called Instruments of Freedom and I am so exhausted I can not talk about it right now.

Today I have a press conference for Medal in the Arts…and then tonight I play for two hours
at Shoreline Grill for Wachovia. Plus, I will be done with the Girl Scout Cookie Co-ordinator paper work.
THANK GOD! Let me tell you, if you are thinking of being a cookie coordinator, well, make sure you don’t mind losing your mind for five weeks. Or at least put it in a drawer until cookie sales are over.

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  • Bill Lynch


    Happy Birtday!!
    Was just listneing to an old album of yours
    and wanted to say hello.
    From way way back friends Annette and Bill (Arcadia Bar & Grill)

  • don’t forget we are doing some kinda liscense plate shoot thingy for CASA

  • Josh Cohen


    Oh, Sara–Happy Birthday! Thank you for being all the expressions you are in the world. We are so blessed you are here. Always, Josh

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