Tardy cuz I’ve been up looking for my battery charger for my guitar….and I can not find it anywhere. My guitar sucks juice from batteries faster than you can say “Obidiah!” So I have to re-charge them every chance I get.

When I went outside to feed the cats exactly 22 minutes ago, I noticed that Pepper, our youngest, has been foraging around in something that has sticker burrs, so I was pulling them out of his fur. Fortunately, he’s a short hair….Whenever Toonces gets in something…ay yi yi…she has long, silky black hair and it becomes a matted mess.

Hey! By the way! If anyone reading this is a local Austin business and you have bumperstix to promote yourself, please mail them in to me for an art project I am doing called AUSTIN GUITAR TOWN. I was one of 50 artists selected to decorate a 10′ tall guitar for display later this fall.


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