A Lake of Love

Do you ever feel like your heart is so full of love you are just going to explode?

I felt that way last night. I loved the audience and every single person on stage
like I was a blubbering seal finding it’s mama’s teat for the first time! I just couldn’t love everyone enough. And not that desperate co-addictive “I need you or I will throw myself off of a bridge” sort of love. Not the kind of love where you need applause. Not the kind of love where you need comfort or pie or the time to sleep an extra twelve hours or love you need to be medicated over…nope. Just good old fashioned, genuine what-a-wonderful-world “I’m here, you’re here!” celebratory feel it all the way to your toes and out your ears kinda love.

There was a lake (gee! could it be bodies of water bring out extra love in me???).
There were picnic tables. There were children (or could it be the family atmosphere makes me slushy goo love mamasita?). Sadly, there were no dogs, but later in the evening there was one sexy black possum on a fence!

Jon, Steve (Z), Brad, Eddy and I were a bit tenative the first set. But, the second set…gosh! We kicked it! I was loose and going off on my raps and the band was totally there, supporting me, wrapping themselves around me, shaking ideas
from their heart and soul…and the audience was glowing and by then the boats floating up to the dock had their lights on like some sort of deep sea creatures
waiting to gobble us up! Fantastic!

Then, when I thought the gig was over, it WASN’T!!! I was informed I had one more hour to go! Alright! No problem! Brad and Z had to scoot, but Jon and Eddy graciously stayed and we played on! We did sing alongs! Starting with “Country Roads” and heading into Carole King, The Carpenters, The Partridge Family, all the way to the Stones and Paul Simon. A total seventies love in ending! Yea, baby!

And there was the moment at the end when a woman named Darcy approached me and told me a story. She reminded me of her favorite Sara Hickman moment
(I know, I’m talking about myself third person…wouldn’t you?). She painted the picture of the night at the Cactus Cafe when I passed out candles to the audience and we all sang John Lennon’s “War is Over” with just my guitar for a guide.
It was a stunning, quiet moment to feel all these people connected by the universal love of just wanting to feel safe…just wanting to believe that there is hope in this world. With the candles lit, and gently swaying, I remember getting choked up. I remembered the love.

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  • Felt that much love? Good question and my answer is that I’ve been blessed to feel that much love often and in many cases it’s been when Linda, Chris and I are all there listening to you.

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