A Motherlode of radio

Dear Super Pal Universe,

Many of you, over the years, have said to me:

“I’d like to hear more of you on the radio…”

Well, this is your chance! This is the opportunity for us all to work in alliance to have more of my music on the air. Did you know that YOUR voice still makes a difference for artists like myself at radio? Yes! If enough of you call, magic can happen.

After the jump (down there where it says “click to read the rest”) is a list of radio stations from across the country who currently have the new cd, “MOTHERLODE”, and are either spinning it, or considering spinning it. All you have to do is pick up the phone and call the station and request one of the songs…These are the current titles we have suggested for radio to play, but feel free to visit my website, peruse the new tunes and titles, and call in one YOU’D like to hear…Remember, this is a TWO DISC set, so there is a lot of material for these DJs to consider…any input from you helps them make the music happen.

Living in Quiet Desperation…pop/rock
Mother’s Little Helper…trip hop folk
Twenty Years to Life (w/Kelly Willis)…folk acoustic
Comfort’s Sigh….folk

Two Days Today…(with Shawn Colvin) upbeat pop/reggae
Learn You Like A Book…jangly folk/rock
Are We Ever Gonna Have Sex Again?….upbeat FUN
Enuf…jangly hip-hop
This Too Will Pass (w/Jimmy La Fave)…americana rock

Thank you!! Have fun!! Go, team, go!!!

p.s. Many public radio stations are in pledge mode this month… it’s a great time to show your support for these stations that still play music from
independent artists. Pledge today!

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