A Poem From My Friend, Stevo

Iolana at Seven
By Stevo Price
August 2007
Intelligent eyes
Open heart
Loving and wise
Always contemplating what needs contemplation
Never afraid to seek what’s true and wise
Abstract artist extraordinare 
Answers to a higher goddess power
Trusts the universe
Studies everything under the heavens
Expresses what needs expressing
Vastly sensitive to the world around her
Eats lots of fruits and vegetables
Never says never to her dreams!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Stevo!!! are you somewhere in the LA area? I’m out here now too and would love to see you again….I hope you see this note or that Sara remembers me and can hook us up. Sara, I was at the dallas Ninja parties all the time, worked with Stevo at 8, and roasted marshmallows with you!!

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