Amazing Story From Tanner Romania Mission!

Many of you know how much I loved my visit to Romania to work with the orphans there, and how, over the years, I’ve continued to support Tanner Romania Mission. Here’s a beautiful story I wanted to share with you. Enjoy! And, if you feel so moved, send funds to help this amazing group, or go over and volunteer for a week or month. Your life will be blessed and changed, and so will those you work and play with.

Dear Friends and Family,
Actually, Catalin, our Anca’s twin brother has found her! We were surprised and delighted to get a phone call last month from someone saying he was Anca’s twin. We knew she had a twin at birth but thought he had died.

They are 16 and had their first visit face to face today when Bruce and I took Anca to see them in Galati. Her natural parents left the house prior to our arrival but the father did phone Anca and spoke a while on the phone. We don’t know why they did not want to meet their beautiful daughter but the day turned out well, without them.

Grannie and Great Grannie were both there and showed family photos to Anca. I asked Grannie (who btw was 20 yrs younger than me) why on earth they put Anca in an institution, she said in fact, both twins were placed in an orphanage and were separated there, somehow they managed to stay in touch with the son but not Anca. Praising God for understanding one more reason HE sent us here!

Thanking YOU all for keeping US here, ALL GLORY TO GOD!

Sandie Tanner

Second National Bank
PO Box 130
Greenville, Ohio 45331-0130
Attention Linda J. Allread :Customer acct dept.

Tanner Romania Mission
is a not for profit charitable organization
that is tax exempt under section 501 c 3 of the IRS code

Mission Statement: James 1:27

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