American Idol 1/25!!!

This is the night that “Look at Me” will be included on the show, “American Idol”: Tuesday, January 25. Make it National Celebrate Lily Night!!!

Speaking of singing, tonight my mom and Jim …

(…my step-father, but I hate that term; really, he’s my second father. Hey! that’s what I’ll start introducing him as! Good Lord. Took me thirty years to figure that out in three seconds….)

…my mom and Jim and Lance and I were hanging out around the piano singing four parts to “Silent Night” as Lance was cleaning up the kitchen counters, putting things away from dinner. Lily was accompanying us on iolana’s drum kit. iolana was dancing slow circles with her six inch soft,
with felt white teeth, six jagged little triangles on top…none on the bottom…
she got her “sharkie” when we went to new orleans this summer…

it was the kind of family moment i love. a memory moment.

earlier, my mom and lily were sitting at the piano, singing “how much is that doggy in the window?” and then i was polka-ing with jim to “the beer barrell polka”. we were terrible, but sure was fun and silly!

tonight i emailed my friend, gretchen phillips (genius) with her shock of great, gray hair (speaking of gray) and told her we need to write a song called TWO TODAYS because at exactly midnight, isn’t there a nano-second where there are really two days happening at once…one day ending, the other beginning…

heck! i’ll just get a start and make up some lyrics RIGHT NOW before i go to bed. maybe it will exhaust me!


one day ending
one day beginning
spinning, always shining
left to right
day to night
two wrongs can sometimes make everything
seem alright

still today
tomorrow never really comes
with the demons
squeeze the sugar from the lemons
too much still to be undone

i’m tripping
i’m falling
i hear your voice
you’re calling:
a whisper in my ear

i’m laughing
i’m sleeping
i hear your heartbeat
two days into one

no one
knows for certain
what’s behind the curtain
of their dreams
we question
we ponder
we yodel and we wonder
is life everything it seems?

you’re thinking
you’re driving
i’ve warned you:
you should never think and drive
still you mix it up inside
letting your spirit run and hide
but look, now, we’ve arrived

you’re tripping
you’re falling
you hear my voice
i’m calling:
a whisper in your ear

you’re laughing
you’re sleeping
you hear my heartbeat keeping
turning two days into one

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