An Inconvenient Truth

The most terrifying movie of the summer. You owe it to the planet to see the truth. Pledge to see An Inconvenient Truth opening weekend.

In theaters:
May 24 – New York and Los Angeles
June 2 – Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Seattle, Toronto, Vancouver, Washington D.C.
June 9 – Atlanta, Detroit, Houston, Minneapolis, Phoenix, Denver, Sacramento, St. Louis, San Diego, Miami, Baltimore, Portland
June 16 – in theaters everywhere

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  • Larry


    One easy way to get involved as virtual marchers is to buy a ticket and bring a friend to see this movie. Then help spread the word. The more people go see this movie on opening weekend, the more theaters will pick it up. Bring the power of the Virtual March to movie theaters across the country.

    Marching forward,
    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.


    * Email your friends and family to pre-purchase tickets for opening weekend.
    * Forward this e-mail to everyone in your address book.
    * Tell your coworkers, book clubs, teachers, classmates, dinner party guests, neighbors, church groups, relatives…shout it from the rooftops!
    * Organize a group to go (Call the Paramount Group Sales office at 323-956-8896).
    * Sponsor your office or company to see the film. Sponsor a school, sponsor a science class, sponsor a youth club.
    * Take someone who you don’t think would be interested in going.
    * Host post-viewing “Take Action” parties.
    * Blog about the movie in advance, and after you’ve seen it with your reactions.
    * Have your own website? Are you on MySpace? Post Online banners, icons, and other info about the movie.
    * Ask your local theater to show “An Inconvenient Truth” if they aren’t planning to already

    JOIN the NRDC

  • Gene


    I’m not sure where those dates came from, they were listed with the youTube trailer.
    The only solid date I’ve seen is May 24th, which is listed on the official site and the Apple trailers site (
    We might have to wait a few more weeks before theatre information is out there, I think.

  • Where are you getting these release dates? I’m going crazy trying to determine when and where the film will be showing in Baltimore. I’ve seen these dates quoted on various blogs, but with no attribution, and i can’t find anything on the official site. The company i work for would possibly be willing to sponsor a showing in town.

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