Angel Kisses

Angelface is a place where you can get a facial or massage in a wondrously calm environment by a woman with the most dewy, healthy face. This is the story of my visit several years back…

Donna, the owner of Angelface, guided me to a small, dark room with wood paneling. I laid back in the soft, warm sheets and yawned. Everything smelled like flowers, but not a sickly-sweet Avon over-the-top sort of scent: a real, walking in a blooming summer garden sort of scent. All that was missing was a breeze and the hum of bees.

Donna started to put stuff on my face, alternately steaming, cleaning, massaging, cleaning, steaming. I was falling deeper and deeper into a state of relaxation, and, finally, snoozed away.

In the midst of this sleep, I had a dream. In the dream, a glowing angel was hovering over me, and seemed to be larger than a normal person. The kindess the angel exuded was extraordinary, and it made me feel very liberated.
As I was smiling back towards the angel, this being leaned over and sort of
kissed me, but it was more of a pulling motion. I can’t really describe it except to say I felt the breath pulled from my body. It wasn’t scary. Again, it was very
freeing…very gentle and loving.

As this was happening, I realized there were angels all over the room, standing shoulder to shoulder, and, yet, it didn’t feel crowded. From my angle, laying on the bed, it seemed as if I was floating among them.

Just as I was understanding that the room was full of light and angels, I heard Donna saying she was finished, and that I could take my time in getting up.
In my groggy state, I think I mumbled, and then awoke from my dream.

I stood up slowly, laying my fingers on my skin, feeling how soft and smooth my face had become. I was ambling out to the front desk, pulling out my wallet, as Donna asked me how I was feeling.

“Oh, that was awesome!” I said.

She nodded. Then, while writing up the total, she quietly asked if she could share what her experience had been.

She told me that as I was laying on the table and she was cleaning my face, she had witnessed many angels entering the room. There was one angel in particular who approached me as I slept, leaned over, and seemed to kiss me on the mouth.

I was stunned. I was looking into her eyes, and I told her, “Yes, yes! I saw them, too!”

And she told me that those angels are with me all the time, wherever I go.
I couldn’t believe it. I couldn’t comprehend how she had seen what I had seen!
It was one of those experiences someon else has…and, yet, it had happened to me.

I felt so enegized the rest of the day. I wanted to see my friends, again. I wanted to be able to thank them, or reach out and hold their hands. It was as if I might catch them out of the corner of my eye, if just for a second, the feeling was so strong. Their presence made me want to fly with complete abandon—tumbling through the sky, laughing…complete, utter happiness, inside and out.

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