Another Invitation for Sergeant Sam Cox from First United Methodist Church

Hello Sargeant Sam and Ed,

Our parishoner, Sara Hickman, suggested that you might be interested in
helping with the Interfaith Hospitality Network the next time that we are
hosting. Those dates for this church are September 14th – 20th. If you
would like to learn more about the program you can check out

My own experience with this program has been profoundly moving, and I would
be happy to talk to you about it to relieve your mind about its safety. The
members of the IHN program are all families with children who have been
screened and are in need of temporary housing until they can get onto their
feet again.

We also host breakfasts early on Tuesdays and Thursdays to feed the hungry.
You are welcome to come and learn more about homelessness from the 300 or
so people who come for a meal twice a week. You are correct in that there
are many drug addicted people on the streets, but we have found that many of
them are profoundly mentally ill and have nowhere to turn for help. While
we are not a social service, as a church, it is our call to help the needy,
as sick and dirty as they may be. As Christians we cannot turn our backs on
them, and Jesus tells us again and again not to fear. So we do are best,
knowing that it is not enough.

This is a sincere invitation.

Many blessings,

Jen Stuart
Director of Membership
First United Methodist Church, Austin
Open Hearts, Open Minds, Open Doors

Do not let fear govern your values. – Rev. James Lawson

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