Answered Prayer…I Think

This is how it usually goes.

Someone puts some thought/idea/desire/hope forward. And then the universe reacts. Doors open. Time shifts. God delivers. The phone rings.

Yesterday, Lily says to me, “Let’s get a snake.”

I said, “Maybe for Christmas.”

Then, she and I head off for a lunch with two fascinating women, Patti and Annie.
Lily has the baked potato, I have a salad. Patti and Annie are eating soy and spinach and cheesey things.

Over food, Lily mentions she wants a snake.

Patti says, “Oh, we have a snake. A little garter snake my husband found at his car wash. We’ve had it a year. Really sweet, but not very smart.”

I ask Patti, “What do you feed your snake?”

She tells me frozen guppies. She tells me how you can only keep a wild snake one season, or it forgets how to shed, and then it doesn’t grow very well.

We finish our lunch. Lily and I head across the street to Nau’s, a pharmacy that still has a full service lunch with malts and grilled cheese sandwiches. But, we are there for a treat to take to io.

We head home. The day goes by.

As the kids head off to bed, I head off for a walk with my friend, Karen. We walk and talk and walk until the sweat has me swimming for water other than sweat.

We get back to Karen’s, and I say goodnight, and start to jog on back to my abode. As I head down the final street, I see something wiggle next to the curb.
Can it be? It is. A snake. A pencil long garter snake. I catch it with my sippie cup (very empty and very dry.)

I head home, greet my hubby at the back door with: You’ll never guess what I have in here.

I grab a pink plastic see through cage, fill it with leaves, and tell him to tump
the sippie. I hold the lid ready, he takes the top off the sippie, and out pours our new snake.

I looked her up on the internet today. She is a Plains Garter Snake. She has a very vibrant orange streak down her back. Lily has named her “Harmony”.

So, yes, as our friend, Derek, said: Now we have an entire food chain!

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  • Phil


    Just remember Sara. Snakes are good escape artists. I had a pet garter snake when I was a kid. One nught, I was reading in bed and heard a thump. Somehow, the snake had managed to get out. Luckily I was there at the time, or my mom would have killed me. I let the snake go the next day.

  • Best keep that snake and the baby mice in different cages…

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