At the Granada

Sara with Linda!!!!!

this is jesse jackson. he is an honorable, loyal and honest human being. he has a very big heart and loves music.

i have known jesse since 1984, when i met him at my band esta chica’s show in dallas at TANGO. i made him dance with me. he later became president of my fan club! his wife, linda, and son, chris, are excellent people, too. they are the best sort of family you could hope to aspire to….

so, thank you, jackson family. i feel honored to have grown with you over the span of 22 years!!! whoo! i’ll have to share some sort of trophy with you at 25 years for walking through the music with me!!!

and here’s young chris to make the family complete!

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  • I like the pics of you. Just wanted to say that I always thought you had a cool looking mouth and lots of cute teeth. LOVE the cute shaped eyes as well(my favorite pic is you in the white furry/feathery? thing in SPIRITUAL APPLIANCES)…I don’t mean this as a come on (I’m no homewrecker) just a compliment. I have fallen in love with you through your song lyrics though……but I’m also in love with MADONNA, JOAN JETT, DEBBIE HARRY, ANN WILSON, LINDA RONSTADT etc. etc….all angels with beautifull voices so nothing to worry about…just couldn’t help myself….

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