BIG PROBLEM with finding wifi!!!

Ok, I thought I’d get to the hotel and write to you from my room because this room is, indeed, wireless…however, I COULD NOT FIGURE OUT HOW TO MAKE IT WORK on my computer…

That is…until now…because the fabulous Eddy Hobizal, Esquire, came to my room , as we are devouring our dinner (finally) and he set me up so sweet! Now I can blog for you again.

However, the other bad news is that MacHenry’s, where I will be playing tonight…does not have wi-fi…so there may be another few hours where, sadly, I can not connect with you. BUT! I will do my DARNDEST to run back to the main office and see if we can get online that way, although they do not have DSL and so their credit card machine is on their only phone line…you see the dilemna I am having.

Our show at Central Market was fantastic…Kristin and I sang five songs, and people danced, and I sold 23 cds!

Then, we ran over to MacHenry’s and did a soundcheck with Eddy and told some jokes, popped in the car…and here I am.

I hope I will not be kicked out of the blogathon because believe you me…..I am doing my darndest to make this happen.

After the show tonight, I will be on line ALL NIGHT, every half hour…you wait and see….


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  • Shawna


    Yea! 23 cd’s. That is so awesome! Have fun tonight. I’m sending you good blogging energy!

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