Busy As A Bee…Rrrrgh!

I don’t know how busy pirates get, they always seem to forget to brush their teeth in the movies….so they must be pretty busy….but I can not imagine
they are as busy as songwriting moms.

Maybe there should be a film of swashbuckling seafaring grub eatin’ foul mouthed bad boy pirates who come across a very tidy, pristine ship with some happy singin’ mamas, babes on their knees, sucklin’ at the breast, fresh fruit and and clean clothes drying on the line…and the mamas admonish the tasteless lads for their scourgy ways and get them to straighten up and fly right.

Turned in my guitar for Austin Guitar Town.
Getting ready for my speech in Dallas on Thursday…1600 women! Talking about fine tuning the balance of work and life.
Layed outside in the hammock while I worked on my speech. The weather is yummy…cool and crisp, just enough breeze to rock me gently in the boughs of my trees.

Sending love.

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  • Sandy


    Hi Sara…I was AT your talk in Dallas, in the morning…(met you afterwards – for a hug, LOL – and to tell you that you made me laugh, you made me cry, and you made me THINK…)

    I’ve been reading your blog today, and you are continuing to give me things to think about that I think can make a difference to lots of people.

    You are a blessing…You have so much to say and to share, I hope that the stars give you the avenue you desire to continue your path.

    Much love, and I’ll stay tuned in! Oh, and here’s a hug for the day to get you towards your quota of 8…


  • Cathy


    Hi again! I just saw your schedule and that you’ll be at Club DaDa Oct.13. See you there!

    smile cathy

  • Cathy


    I was in your afternoon seminar in Dallas at the 2077 women (and a handful of lucky men) smileconference, biggest attendance ever! In fact, you graciously volunteered to be my partner during the I Love Me because…. exercise. Your enthusiasm and love shone through and I know you touched everyone in that room as much as you did me.
    I bought your Motherlode CD and love it. I can’t wait to buy more. Do you tour? ever come to Dallas? I’d love to see you perform.

    Thank you for being a bright light!

    Wishing you love, joy and light,

  • Sherilyn


    I was one of those women that you spoke to. You did such a great job! I left with a tear streaked smiling face…
    The “hugging line” was soooo long afterwards, which was disappointing – I wanted to hug my thanks for the “connection”. I needed that lil bit of empowerment! Cant wait to witness your amazing spirit again!

  • Delia


    Your are so fun funny! I wanna be on your ship! oh, ithink i am already! Arhhhhhhhh!!!! and we have beautiful happy colorful parots don’t we? that sing beautiful songs?

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