Comment on “The One”

Hi Sara,

I heard you at Summerfolk this past weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

I was particularly touched by your song about Seung-Hui Cho’s mother at the ‘Heart of the Matter’ workshop. For almost ten years I’ve wrestled with the murder of Matthew Shepard (yet another devistating heatache) and something in your song resonated with that sorrow. Thanks for challenging us to think differently – I was very moved.

What is the name of the song? Is there any chance you’ll be recording it?

Thanks again!

Dear Barry,

Thank you for hearing my song and letting it touch you. It means so much to me when I get a letter like yours…

Your mentioning Matthew Shepherd reminded me that I had always wanted to write a song in his honor, too, but I just never did. That is an incredibly horrific story, and one that should never be forgotten—especially in this era when governments are condoning violence…

So, to answer your question, yes, I recorded the song (“The One”) and made a video, as well. If you go to my website ( and click on the “Start the Dialogue” link, it will take you to a site I started to get people talking. You’ll see a bunch of videos there, and if you click on “The One”, you can hear and see the song.

Bless you and thank you, again, for writing (and listening!)
In Grace and Gratitude,

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