Dear Jack Has Become a Saint

Our dear friend, Jack, died Thursday morning…peaceful, at home.

Our cat, Mimi, was at his side the entire time, and only left when Jack passed on. She came out of his bedroom, walked down the hallway, and plopped herself next to Fran, Jack’s wife, on the sofa. Fran knew Jack had gone on.

Mimi has always been that kind of a cat. When Lily was a baby, whenever she would cry, Mimi would come zooming across the house and jump up to be beside Lily, licking the tears from her face. She would curl up at night next to Lily in bed. She has the ability to read emotions like a fat, blue-point Buddha covered in gray and white fur. With whiskers. And paws. (And occassional stinky fish breath…)

So, I dedicate this morning to Jack, for living a fine life….in tennis, radio, film, television; and as a bicyclist, fiddle player, husband, father, friend, neighbor…and to Mimi, and all her animal wisdom.

For the bond between man and mammal.

Raise a glass of O.J. and take a sip to life’s sweetness…! To Jack!

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  • I met Sara when we were students at the University of North Texas in Denton. I remember her running around barefoot with a guitar strapped to her back. We were both in the advertising program and she wasn’t necessarily taking it too seriously although her ideas were certainly creative. We became good friends and I recall her performing in a little shop next door to Jim’s Diner on poetry night. But it wasn’t until I was home visiting my folks for the holidays that I discovered Sara’s true talent — music. I was channel surfing late one night and landed on the Tonight Show just in time to hear them announce Sara as their musical guest! Imagine my surprise! Sara was making it big in the music world and I couldn’t have been more proud of her. I caught her on several other specials always popping in a video tape to record her performances (I still have them years later). I’ve only been to one of her concerts, spoke with her and introduced her to my wife. I keep telling myself I need to go see her again and introduce her to my daughter who is now 13. Knowing Sara has made a world of difference in my life. She has touched so many people in so many special ways and I feel privilidged to have been close friends with her at one time and be able to say “I knew her when.” I realize this entry has nothing to do with “Dear Jack Has Become A Saint.” But I just wanted her to know that I’m still out here, I still remember her and wish her continued success in all her endevors. Oh yes, and I wanted to tell her that “I Couldn’t Help Myself” interestingly enough is mine and my wife’s song describing how we came to meet, become friends and eventually fall in love. Thanks Sara, for touching my life in so many ways.


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