Dear People of the World…

My friend, Nahid, had recently sent out an email condeming the violence
in India…I copied the letter I wrote to her and changed the address to
“People of the World” because I want anyone who stumbles upon my blog
to hear my plea….

Dear People of the World…

It is a sad statement when members of the human race decide that they are
free to terrorize, humiliate, murder and torture others because of
absurd and mentally unbalanced beliefs. (And I include those in the U.S.
government who have aided and abetted on the side of torture, kidnapping,
and holding people without legal representation or justification.)

I completely agree with my friend, Nahid, who has condemned the heinous
acts in India that these murderers should be brought
to justice. It is horrifying what they created.

My prayer for 2009 is that people who believe that killing (innocents,
killing those of different faiths, different countries, gender, sexual
orientation or ethnicities) is the best solution to whatever radical
thinking or politically minded statements they want to make, my prayer is
that these people have an awakening. That something shakes them to the core
to WAKE THEM UP to the reality that life is sacred, to be respected and we
are to learn to communicate and work with one another on issues.

There ARE alternatives to violence. Killing only leads to more violence
and bloodshed. God help these blood thirsty people, help them to see the truth, whoever
and wherever they are around this world. Help them to come to their senses and stop this
senseless bloodshed, heartache and terror.

Thank you, Nahid, for all the love and peace you bring to all of us.
God bless you and your family, and all of those reading this email.

In Grace and Gratitude,
Your friend,

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