DELIRIOUS doesn’t capture my euphoria!

where do I begin!?

Last night…I was CINDERELLA!
Meets Kim Novak, Ivie Anderson,
Ella and Doris Day all rolled up in to
one gianormous kiss of sassy song!!

The big swing band!!! ROCKED.
The dancers filling the floor in exquisite
sparkling clothes, moving like immaculate
jaguars… Men looking like Frank Sinatra,
women sultry,sophisticated, refined…
gliding across the floor, skirts spinning…

The venue? Dressed to the nines in reds
and pinks, balloons and hearts, flowing
table clothes, colored lights, candles flickering,
planes ( yes, PLANES!!!) hung overhead,
ambience of the past mixed with the present…

My hair, curled and coiffed to a dizzying 40’s
chanteuse doo-be-doo-be-doo! And my make-up
including eyelashes OUT TO THERE and big ok’
red lips galore with glittering, smokey, genuinely
HAPPY eyes smiling while singing , “Blue Skies”…

I only wish EVERYONE I love could have been
there! It was BEYOND HEAVEN. It was
exquisite BLISS. I have never been this
elated overjoyed IN THE FLOW as I was
last night!!

And guess what? I get to KEEP these glass slippers
because I worked my ass off for them, paid cold hard
cash and they are MINE. I have my prince… He GETS
me and loves me, slippers don’t even matter to him.
and I live in a HOME, not a castle, with two real
warm and wonderful amazing children I get to
regale as my DAUGHTERS … Last night was the
capper to a life long journey. I feel blesses and GRATEFUL
for my friends, too.

I willcontinue to dedicate this fragile, precious time
to continue to spread to plant and grow my grateful
LOVE everwhere I go, so help me GOD!!! Hallelujah for
kindness! For happiness!

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