ECHOES past/present/future

I’m in Denton. Where I made my first 45 single. Where I made my first album. Where I graduated from NTSU. Where I lived on a street named after a nut and enjoyed watching my best friend, Caryl, draw obsessive lines over and over on large sheets of paper for art class. Where we ate peanut butter. Where I had a landlord that looked like that red headed
dwarf from “Lord of The Rings.” Where someone sent me a letter three years ago telling me that they had some of my college paintings and if I would send them a check for $4870
dollars they would make sure I got them back. Where I used to ride a blue motorcycle with a boyfriend.

I’m working with Carl Finch, who first saw me on a cable access show called “Dr. Fangus”, called me up, and told me I should make records.

We are making dance/trance/disco/pop music, and it is very, very fun and very, very challenging. Some of you may remember we started this collaboration two years ago, around the time of Glenn Mitchell’s death. I wrote about it in here then, too.

I have been cramming and writing and memorizing and writing out charts and practicing non-stop in my La Quinta hotel room. There is a very nice mom and pop Greek restaurant next door. There is a pool, but I just pass it by. Tooooo cold.

Today we are working on “Echo”, a trance/disco song. Yes, really. Europe, look out!

We are also working on laying drum tracks/acoustic/electric guitars/keys vocals today on other songs.

Ok, I have to go back to work on memorizing some melodies.

Oh, the studio we are at, Black Bottle Recording, has some very nice dudes. Richard Haskell, who I swear I’ve met before, but he’s only 23…he has an interesting moustache and a big heart. And bed head. And has a lot of posters of death metal bands.( I think that’s what they are called.) I dubbed him Honey Bear.

And then there is Phat. He served in Iraq and has a nice shrapnel scar on his forehead. He is 24. He is doing the bulk of the engineering. He has an enigmatic, impish smile and he is very, very calm. His real name is Nagaras. It says so on his shirt. Phat is where it’s at, and I just want to dance with him. He’s very sturdy!

Carl is working hard and it is always so so so engaging to watch him record cuz he puts every ounce of himself into whatever he is doing. I could just watch him all day!
I went to Dan’s Silver Leaf on Tuesday night and sat in with this large jazz band. I sang “Fly Me To The Moon.” Talk about a blast! And then I waltzed with a man named Randy and that was wonderful because I had my very first waltzing lesson just the night before that with LANCE up at U.T.!!!!!! Synchronicity.

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  • Jim


    I remember when you had your art displayed at Flardee’s. I wish I had gotten one. I’d only be asking $4275.


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