Recently, I went to speak at Baranoff Elementary as part of their Authors Workshop. I taught two creative writing classes to 9-12 year olds.

As I finished the second successful session, in which we ended the hour with
the kids’ original hit single, “The Poo-Poo Matter”, a woman approached me about writing children’s books. I told her I hadn’t had any published, but that it was definately a dream of mine. She told me she was a published children’s author, and that RADIATION MAN was a book. She has already contacted Holt Rinehart in New York, and they are eager to hear my songs and stories.


If you could see me, you would know I am grinning a mile wide and jumping up and down. I can already envision RADIATION MAN as a pop-up or 3D book! Wouldn’t that be the cat’s meow and beyond?! And I can see my LEGEND OF THE RAINSTICK beautifully illustrated by Tomie de Paola…or Chris Babcock illustrating CANTALOUPE.

This enthusiastic woman, Dianna Aston, has a new book out called LOONY LITTLE.
It’s really beautiful and the story is based on a Chicken Little type theme, only Loony Little thinks the Polar Ice Cap is melting (which, as we all know, it REALLY IS!!) Check it out if you have kids and support her in her dream! Her site is:

I will write more here in my journal once I know more. Or maybe I’ll just write more because I can. Or maybe I can turn a coffee can into an empty can and make ice cream. Or maybe a can-can is in order to celebrate the Martin Luther King man! What say you, gentle reader?

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  • t.a.


    well, for one thing i say: welcome back! long time no see. what did you do, take off time for the holidays? lol.

    this is cool for you. then you could do a book tour and come back up to oregon so i could enjoy your music live again — it’s been ages (remember that little stage in the school in eugene, with the audience sitting right under you, looking up your nose?)

  • Glad to see you back posting…I still check back here every few days…sorry Donna and I missed your show in Ft Worth saturday…perhaps at Poor Davids this next time as it’s only about a mile from our house…

    Good luck with the childrens books…I know you’d be great at that. You are a naturally creative person.

    Jim Rossman

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