Is it just me, but what’s up with women plucking their eyebrows until they are a thin uninteresting line?

I just have two words about that:


Your eyebrows are your friends. They help define your face and protect your eyes from dirt and grit.

Maybe I’m just saying this because my eyebrows are hairy. But I like the feel of my eyebrows under my fingertips.

It’s just spooky! Stop the spooking! Free the eyebrows of the world from continual plucking.

2 Comments on “Eyebrows”

  • Jenny


    Ok yes, I pluck…I can’t stop. They aren’t very thin but if I don’t stop plucking the “just one more” then I will end up with none. Thanks for the wake up call I will still pluck just the ones that stray.

  • Ainjel


    mine were ripped off by an overzealous salon employee, i’m still trying to restore them to their former glory.

    better the thin brows than the botox-injected non-moving forhead, though. smile


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