This Friday I speak for the Texas Department of Regulatory and Protective Services for an hour and a half.

My hope is to lift up the social workers who will be attending from all over the state of Texas. There jobs are incredibly hard, stressful, scary and many times they are underpaid and unappreciated by our society. These are the folks who have to go into violent situations and save children from domestic violence, drugs, prostitution, neglect…

I want them to know their efforts are incredibly valuable…that they are loved and valued and I want them to leave on Friday feeling refreshed and hopeful.

If you can, please wish me well. Wish me peace. Wish me the best I can do so that I can give them what they need.

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  • I dont have e-mail any more, but I just wanted to say that they could not pick a better advocate for kids than Sara Hickman!They could not pick a better motivational speaker for CPS workers than Sara Hickman!. I have not looked at your website for awhile, but I see you have a few more CDs, and I now have a niece and nephew who might enjoy them. Denise

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