Grapes of Wrath—-Zach Scott Theatre!

Oh, boy oh boy! Me and my honey-man are going to see “Grapes of Wrath”
tonight at the exquisite and intimate Zach Scott Theatre here in Austin.

I’m really looking forward to seeing how the book translates on stage.
Will there be dust a-plenty?
There will be singing…but will there be wailin’ and gnashin’ of teeth?
Will everyone be dressed in overalls and cotton frocks?
How will they get the beat up jalopy on stage?
What about the men with bats?
What about the tent towns?
What about the very last page of the book….?

(IF you have not read the book since junior high, why don’t you
just come on down and see the living word! Nothing’s better than
a night at the theatre to take your mind off your troubles…)

I think the timing of producing this portrait of dust bowl
families during the depression isn’t being shared without
a lot of thought to the parallels of what we are all experiencing now.

I’m not sure why it is being called a “recession” still. Everyone I
know is in a depression…times are genuinely hard…and we need
to rally together to support one another through…

and…we definately need to all do our best to support the arts…
the music…the poetry…the dance and song of our time…
we artists are the first to feel the bitter taste of financial
loss when our gigs get cut back and our families depend on
us to bring home the bread…

SO! Don’t let the Zach Scott and it’s fine ensemble of talented
artisans down…Book a night next week and come out
to see the show!

I will write a review tomorrow about the play so you can know
even more about it….

Love and grapes from my fambly to your’n,

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  • Sara

    Thanks for comning to see our show and for your kond remarks !


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