Green is the New Black

Yesterday I emceed the Big Wig Luncheon for the Austin Ad Federation, a collective of advertising folks. I had a blast! I wore my June Bug Silk Green top and announced to everyone in the room,

“Green is the new black. So, just remember that when you are working on your new campaigns!”

And guess what? A friend of mine wrote this morning and said that in the Lifestyles section of the Statesman today, they announced that KIWI GREEN IS THE NEW BLACK! ha ha ha!

So, maybe if I pronouce PEACE IS THE NEW BLACK, do you think that will be in the paper tomorrow?!

Getting geared up to play at Kerrville this weekend…we (the Super Pal Universe band and myself) will be playing all new songs. Yesh! You heard that right!

Monday I start in the studio on the new cd…I am excited and nervous! Oh, what joy, to be in the studio! I love it so much! More on that later….

Off to swim lessons with the girls, then my Purpose Driven Life study group, then off to sing on a song I am recording with my friend, Courtney Audain. The girls will be with me, and it is a delight to sing while they dance along….so, if you hear an extra sparkle on “Enough is Never Enough” someday, just know it is because there were two little pixies bouncing around while I laid down my voice!

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