Happy Easter to all my friends and family…and Ellen, too!

Lily was an acolyte in sanctuary this morning, with trumpets blaring and the choir singing and long, sacred robes flowing, Easter lillies in abundance, the pews full of women in pinks and soft greens, the men in suits and ties. All the little girls had on their Easter dresses.

Happy Easter, everyone! May we all be reminded that this is a season of hope and renewal, no matter what faith you recognize, or if you are agnostic or don’t believe in anything. For hope transcends all aspects of human understanding, it is the mysterious sibling of love and faith.

But the greatest of these is love.

So, share some love today. Like my friend, Brad Howes, once did….he bought a dozen roses and walked around giving them away, one at a time, to complete strangers. Or Lily, making artwork to sell on our cul de sac to raise money for the homeless. Or you….baking yummy things to eat or calling a long ago friend on the phone or sweeping an elderly person’s porch.

Yesterday was our Girl Scout Music Career Day event at Girl Scout Headquarters here in Austin. What a terrific afternoon of professional women sharing info about the entertainment industry (from radio to recording to licensing to playing the Celtic harp to being a choir director)…And the girls had break out sessions with karaoke machines and instrument making stations and all sorts of fun and games.

Rock on, girls!

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