happy fourth

we started the morning in the barton hills parade, riding on the back of a flatbed with a p.a. system, singing patriotic songs: me, lance, lily, io, my nephew and two of our neighborhood friends. we threw out tattoos and leis and patriotic stickers and made up silly rhymes and got the neighbors to clap, lined up in their chairs, cheering from the sidewalks and curbs and under the sanctity of shady trees.

the children ate watermelon, participated in sack races, whacked a pinata, threw waterballoons…there was a little boy, about four or five, who wore a NASA astronaut suit and helmet and rode in the parade in a rocket ship…i had him stand next to me as i sang the National Anthem…i talked about the importance of NASA, and how meaningful the first walk on the moon had been to so many of us in 1969….afterwards, his mom told me it meant a lot to me that he was recognized in front of the neighborhood because all he talks about is space exploration. isn’t that wonderful? a child still enthralled by space!

we’ve had friends over…enjoyed dinner….and now we are off to swim before shooting off fireworks and returning to the hill to watch the spectacle of the big city display tonight…

i wish everyone a safe and happy fourth….

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  • toddybaby


    i was thinking of you, yesterday….
    i photographed traci
    then mickey and todd went to ROY’s house in
    the HIGH 2222area
    and watched about 20 different displays
    of the flowery -sky-stars called FIREWORKS…..

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