Homeless Thermal Underwear Drive

One of my favorite groups, House the Homeless, leads an annual Thermal Underwear drive for the homeless.

$10 puts a set of thermals on a man or woman
$20 provides thermals AND gloves
$25 provides thermals, a hat and gloves

Underwear, gloves and hat can make the difference between frostbite and fingers that function, and even life or death. I don’t mean
to sound melodramatic…I mean to share with you that your simple gift is of great importance. I have seen what the
hands and faces of homeless endure in bitter, freezing weather.

I can’t say enough about Richard Troxell, House the Homeless and everyone involved in this group. They are tireless and
work endlessly to help protect, clothe, and get homeless folks off the street and into shelter…from temporary to permanent.
You are also welcome to donate more, if you are willing…I promise you that every dime is used wisely, with the intent to help
and nurture our displaced fellow human beings.

If you can, please send a check to:

House the Homeless
P.O. Box 2312
Austin, TX 78768

Thank you, and all my love,

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