How To Build A Small Volcano

First, get a cookie tray with sides.

Next, you’ll need:

Scraps of paper
Red food coloring
Toilet paper tube
Baking soda

Take the toilet paper tube and wad up pieces of scrap paper to build a mound around the tube. With the play-doh pre-rolled out into flat, large pieces, lay the play-doh over the scraps and form a mountain, with the base of the volcano stuck to the cookie sheet. We added miniature play-doh people, a la Pompei.

With a miniature funnel, put baking soda half-way inside the toilet paper tube.
Next, mix a small amount of vinegar and red food coloring together in a small pitcher (like the kind you get at a restaurant supply store for the table, to hold melted butter). Pour this concoction into the tube with the baking soda.

Yea! Here comes the lava!

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