I Can’t Believe This is Going On! So EVERYBODY…TAKE ACTION!!!

Please read the article below to get fully incensed like I did. We all need to start speaking out on what this government is becoming and doing.
It is not the government I want my family, friends and fellow county people to be living under.
I was hoping to play at this concert, but they have switched the date from April to May 6th, so I won’t be there to perform, but I’ll be talking about it
and trying to encourage others to attend….

Benefit concert at The Nutty Brown Cafe on Sunday, May 6th
2 pm-9/10 pm
To raise funds to help support the Kambo family

Sam Kambo is an LCRA employee that was in the process of applying for US permanent resident status
when he was detained in October. (The link to the story in the Austin American Statesman is below.) He has been incarcerated since then, and it is
obviously taking an emotional and financial toll on the family. Folks are trying to raise funds to help support the family while the legal proceedings
move forward.

A number of bands will perform and there will be a silent auction to raise funds for the family.

We are looking for volunteers to help out. Feel free to have anyone contact me at 512-695-1911 if they have any questions or would like to get involved.

Thanks again,



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