I love my children so very much

The way they look at the world and give me feedback on what they are thinking.
The way iolana laughs til the stars sparkle. The way Lily can imitate a guinea pig.
The sound of their singing two seperate songs full voice at the same time…and what should be a cacophony sounding like a brand new symphony of independent joy.
Drawings of dragons and ghosts; fairies, cars, cheetahs, houses, maps to hidden lands, horses and gumdrops and mother cats nursing their young. Raking the leaves and everyone piling inside to jump out and yell “Boo!” to no one. Painting the sidewalk. Chalking the walls. Holding hands and jumping in fresh rain puddles, soaking our feet…making cookies and kleenex ghosts and taking them round to the neighbors, just because it is a September day and we feel like it. Doing “homework” and learning to watch someone learn. Enjoying sparklers, bubble wrap (tape it to your floor and run across it….pop poppopopopop!),
the sunset at the beach, wind in our hair, freshly dried blankets out of the dryer…
hugs and kisses and little souls with tender hands…

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