I Love You

A little poem I wrote yesterday because I love you

There is a place
Within my heart
You hold a part….you hold a part

No matter where this life may lead
Where waters rise and they recede
You hold a part….you hold a part

When I am lost, you understand
You guide the way, you take my hand…
For all the life that you are living
The simple act that you are giving
Loving me…just as I am

When you are lost, I take you in
I sing the song, I call you “friend”
For all the life that I am living
The simple act that I am giving
Loving you…until the end

We walk in awe, we walk in wonder
In sunshine’s kiss no fear of thunder
You hold a part…You hold a part

Now up above the moonbeams glow
The day is done, it’s time to go
You hold my heart…you hold my heart

and…Love never fades, but only grows
A constant pulsing living flow
Within the heart…the sum of parts
The light of God all beings know


One Comment “I Love You”

  • cowboy kev


    you need some chords to that,,i have an idea,,will send when its done,,,drove to austin saw the stones had a ball,,,,heehee be carefull on yer journeys,,,,


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