I Need Teeny Tiny Pencils

I need 5000 teeny, tiny pencils to put in the jewel box of my new cd. I googled for miniature, tiny and novelty pencils, but I can not find any.

Not the kind you get on the golf course, but those tiny little pencils (1″ or so)
that sometimes come with a fairy sized notepad (girls, you know what I’m talking about!)

Does anyone in the world not have a box of these in their garage they want to sell?
I think it would just be stellar to have a teency weency pencil in each cd of BIG KID, cuz this is the age kids are learning to WRITE and express themselves.

And I certainly want to encourage more expression in this world!

4 Comments on “I Need Teeny Tiny Pencils”

  • Sander


    Like this?

  • Holly


    did you try oriental trading company or U.S. toy company? i’ll do some searching when i get back to st. louis tomorrow (friday)…..

  • GregD


    Sara, you have email…


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