Jon Stewart on Crossfire

I voted.

I wish I had had more choices, more to think and mull over in conjunction with the candidates. I wish there had been thirteen choices. I wish
it had been hard to make a decision on whom to vote for. I wish I had been
inspired and torn because all the candidates were clear, concise, intelligent,
passionate, concerned, informed and driven to take America, and the world, to the next level: a world based on educated reasoning and thought full decision making. A world struggling to come to terms with its differences and unique
abilities; one of conversations and hope, moving towards caring for the peoples of the world, not hell bent on destroying them.

This a.m. I watched an attempt by Jon Stewart to cross the line from comedy to reality on “Crossfire”…here is the link:

I say “attempt” because I think he has a very valid point and I am glad he chose to speak out about the media in this country. I’m not sure the way he went about it was understood by the two men who are the hosts of “Crossfire”, only because they are so deeply ingrained in the corporate system that I think they could only respond personally and defensively (the guy in the bow tie more so, but he was also getting some low blows from Jon. I’m not defending either man, but I do think it is possible to have debates/conversations without getting into personal attacks. It is exactly what the presidential candidates are doing..and we’re all tired of it.)

I don’t have cable, so I don’t watch Mr. Stewart’s show, or “Crossfire”, or Bill O’Reilly or any of those folks. I choose to read the paper or, if I watch TV at all, I watch PBS, which I think has the closest thing to covering objective reporting.

I like that Mr. Stewart tried to make a point, I only wish more people were attempting to do the same thing and bring to light the problems and the
hypocrisy of our political system (really, our corporate system.) What if the two hosts on “Crossfire” had responded to Jon by saying, “You know what? You’re right. We’re puppets making a living, doing what the man upstairs requests of us. Let’s change that…right now!” And then they had, magically, had Bush and Kerry appear, and asked them real questions that real people have been asking each other and we got real answers from both B & K. That would have been refreshingly REAL.

I know many people ARE speaking out, and going to the poles, and it gives me hope.

Maybe then we can get back to the comedy. As you know, comedy is based on the truth, and that is what makes us laugh…So, maybe we are just condemned to live in a quagmire so comedians can ease our pain! How ridiculous is that!

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