I do not believe in the death penalty. There have been innocent people executed
for crimes they did not commit, there is no closure, and there is only a continued spiral of violence,
heartache and loss for ALL the families involved in BOTH sides of the situation. As someone who has toured
Texas to try and start the dialogue about what the death penalty is, why having the death penalty doesn’t discourage
those who may murder, discussing the loss and cost to every Texas citizen, I hope that we can
stop the madness and allow everyone to know there are options to killing another person.
And, as a Christian, Jesus is the greatest example of why the death penalty should be
abolished. If you don’t know much about the death penalty, please educate yourself
on all it’s complexities and sides so that you can make an informed decision on
what it means to have it, and have conversations with those around you. Texas is number
FOUR in the world in terms of executions, right behind China, Iran, Saudi Arabia and then,
yes, TEXAS. We must learn to be progressive in dealing with this archaic idealogy, and it
starts with us all, each and every one of us, not being afraid to learn and talk about it.
Thank you. Sara

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