And mysterious.
And giddy.
And, tonight, c-c-c-o-l-d!

Which, before I delve into utter silliness about the upcoming travels to Los Angeles and Ojai, reminds me that House the Homeless needs YOU! And if you don’t want to help with the Austin drive, just run out and buy the same things, keep them in your car, and pass them out or take them down to your local shelter. Here’s the info on our drive, though, in case you want to send in a check for, oh, I don’t know, $720. Or $10. Ten dollars is good, too!

7th Annual Thermal Underwear Drive…

(This is a group I work with as often as I can…House the Homeless does so much for the homeless in our community!!!!)

You can help ensure homeless folks stay warm this winter with just $10…(or $120!) Your contribution will supply them with a full set of cold deflecting thermals! $20 will outfit them with thermals, a hat, socks and gloves! $25 gets them all of the above PLUS a reusable rain poncho! This holiday season, give the gift that gives people WARMTH. Please send your tax free contribution to :
House the Homeless, Inc.
p.o. box 2312
austin, tx 78768

I’m really OVERJOYED to be heading to McCabe’s in Los Angeles, where I have had so many magical moments!!!

I’m going to see Brian and Angie and John M. and John Black and Aunt Kevina and so many loved ones I can hardly CONTAIN MYSELF!

In fact, why SHOULD I contain myself?! What’s with that? Maybe I’ll just be a jumpin’, crazy happy ever lovin’ bowlin’ fool on the stage, like the old days at Caravan, where I just went off on tangents and didn’t worry about whether I was talkin’ too much…and we all laughed until tears ran down our cheeks, and we didn’t even remember what we were laughing about…just the joy was everywhere, you could see it…it was there! Floating around, landing on our heads, patting us on the back, cheering our hearts with hope and happiness.
Ah, yes….the good old days are here again! Come out and feel the love, baby!

Austin Guitar Town was also incredible…Seeing my 10 foot tall guitar with all of the others (50 in all!!!) had my smile wide as a country mile. The girls and I ended up playing freeze tag on the City Hall lawn. Ray Benson had to bend over twice, he’s so gianormous, just to wish my kids a “hello”…in that low voice of his. And my new friend, Jonathan Clark, showed up with a film camera and shot loads of footage for…what?….a TV SHOW that is a surprise and I can’t tell anyone about it yet…but just know that this time next year…it is going to be a tee shirt and a theme song that will be EVERYWHERE!!!! (Lots of delirious delightful giggles here…sorry you can’t hear them….just pretend…did you hear that? No, not that car backfiring, silly…that other sound! The sound of one happy woman, chuckling with deep mirth over plans for the future!)

And I have a decorated Christmas tree up at the University Co-op that will be auctioned off to raise money for the UT Elementary by the ever groovy Ramona Trevino, super principal…along with Earl Campbell (his Heismann is downstairs! I am not kidding! It is the same size as the dining hall of the Titanic, and twice as heavy!), Ray Benson (hey! there he is AGAIN!), Kathy Valentine (yes, of the Go-Gos!), and a host of other local/national celebs who all donated a tree for a tremedous cause. My tree was decorate by the very children I mentioned above, and they all showed up at the bash tonight, dressed in Burnt Orange UT garb, and we burst into “Feliz Navidad” as bulbs were popping and parents were smiling. Thank you, Brian Jewell, for inviting me to be a part of this!!!!!

Oh, I haven’t mentioned the Chuy’s parade. The float we rode on was presented by GSD&M…Let’s just say there was a lot of shout outs via my big mouth, lotsa tom foolery and sing along business…and Austin was right on time, singing along and the driver of our float was so smooooooooooooooooooooooooooooth this year. Not one jerky moment. Ususally, I bang my teeth into the mic at some point, but not this dude. He was captain of my heart! And my grateful teeth. GSD&M and I already have MIGHTY plans for what we are going to create for next years float…yes, yes…come down and see for yourself…you will not believe it! Make plans now. The curbside gets full purty darn quickly!

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