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Yesterday io played her first basketball game…and, in fact, her first basketball at all! Her team is called the Nuggets, and the kids learn as they play other teams. With four coaches! In bright orange shirts! Go, Nuggets! Lots of running and squeaky sneakers on the shiny, wood court….echoes of parents hooting and hollering, and bounce bounce bounce of the ball.

After basketball, and lunch with Lance’s lovely mom, I went to the mall. This was my first time to go shopping in a mall since, hmm, since I was fourteen? Anyway, I was there FIVE HOURS….also got a massage while I was there for $12 and let me tell you….I gave the lady $20 cuz it was incredible. I watched people’s shoes walk by as I sat in the massage chair, my face peeking through the leather face hole, and then I fell into a warm sleep as she pounded and kneaded all my cares away. I think I’m gonna go to that mall once a week now and get Miss Amy to work on my shoulders. Oh, yes, and I got some new clothes for stage. My theme this year is to dress feminine.

Then I went grocery shopping at 7:30 pm and I love to go grocery shopping. It is such a zen thing. There’s something about walking in, pushing an empty basket (and always stopping at the claw to try and win a toy), and going up and down the aisles and filling the basket and then standing in line and perusing the wierd array of magazines and then paying for the purchases and loading up my car and going home. It makes me feel like I’m a mom in the best sense: planning meals, buying the items, putting them in the fridge and cabinets, and making the meals all week. So inspiring to be a mom!

Off to church. Just checking in. I know my last blog was intense, so wanted to reassure you that there are many sides to a human being. That we should all stay complex. But it’s still nice to roll in the grass with your dog and stare at the blue, blue sky now and then.

Oh! And I hung out with Michael Lille the other night, here in Austin. He is a songwriter from Colorado, here in town to work on a new album. Very nice man. Very tall man! We sat and chatted and ate some good food, and I even had a Fuzzy Navel at the Z Tejas. It was refreshing! We are going to co-write some songs.

Here’s the poop: we have a dog! A six year old Jack Russell Terrier named “Lucky” who we adopted from a rescue resource. She is incredibly intelligent, but because we don’t have a doggy door, we have poop in the house at night. Yes, we’re working on this!
So, now we have Jeff Goldblum (our snake), all of our fish (including Maestro) and our four cats (Toonce, Mimi, Shadow and Pepper) and we still have Yo-Yo, the black and white mouse. Sadly, Dot died last week of cancer. Her poor little body was riddled with enormous
tumors, and she finally just went to sleep and didn’t wake up. We buried her the next day. Oh, it was sad. So far, Yo-Yo seems to be handling her sister’s death well, which is amazing as she was always nuzzling and caring for Dot. It was a beautiful, caring relationship.
Mice are very inspiring creatures.

I am getting very excited about my new album and all that this entails. New album=new music=live shows=radio and tv appearances=press=hopefully people will buy the new album and come to the shows=more ideas=more songs=and the whole cycle will start again.

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  • a-dog


    Io may become a great player if she has inherited her Dad’s height and Mom’s competitive nature.
    For the Jack Russell, look at It is invaluable and I personally guarantee the results; I’ve been using it for years now; I’m going to Clicker Expo later this month in Tuscon for more training. Do it NOW; if the pooch develops the habit of indoor tolieting; it gets much harder to stop. Scold harshly and put him/her? out (no matter the weather) immediately when a land mine is detected, Lysol the spot, and do regular trips to the backyard, giving a treat whenever you observe and outdoor poop! Good Dog! Way to go! Here’s a treat! the clicker is a very effective tool.

    Michael Lilly is such a sweet and mellow guy, and an excellent songwriter. I love his playing with Tom PR and Kimmel as the Sherpas. My Sara has a bit of a thing for him; I don’t blame her!

    Glad to hear you can treat yourself now and then.
    The other Sara has a chiropractor, a massage therapist, and an acupuncturist!!

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