Memories for Sale

Over the years, I’ve collected a vast vault of STUFF that has to do with my musical career—posters, paintings, recordings, you name it. I’d like to sell some of these things to raise money to hire a publicist for my new children’s cd, BIG KID.

So, following is a list of these items…if you are interested in purchasing anything, just leave me a note, and I will respond ASAP. Offer what you think is fair if there isn’t a price quoted next to the item(s).
I’m also happy to sign or decorate whatever you buy for whomever you’d like.
(Also, I’ll have to find out what postage will be, and then let you know.)

1) 24″ x 32″ on Canvas, no frame but stretched on wood
Beautiful acrylic painting by Jim Jennings (signed) of me from 1990. I’m sitting
in a chair, eyes closed, in the L.A. afternoon sun. This is from the patio of David Kershenbaum, where I was doing additional recording for “Shortstop”. I’m wearing a brown hat, a silk long sleeved black dress with flowers, and the Thomas Sutherland bracelet is on my left wrist (along with a black wristband for my watch.)

2) 24″ x 32″ Glass framed with gray mat pencil illustration of me with my Takemine guitar. I am looking right at the viewer. This is one of my favorite gifts, given to me at Uncle Calvin’s in Dallas in 1989 or 90 (?) as a surprise. Signed : James Wood (Moody?) To Sara with a small heart drawn next to my name. Photo realistic illustration.

3) 5 SHORTSTOP Posters from Elektra. 20″ x 30″. Unsigned, but I can sign them. Beautiful photo by Michael Johnson. In sepia. $30 each

4) Phyllis Diller framed photograph with dark charcoal colored mat. The photograph is of Phyllis looking shocked…she’s wearing a silk jacket with ENORMOUS buttons, holding her cigarette holder in a gloved hand and incredibly short platinum blonde hair. Signed “With love Phyllis Diller” below on a piece of seperate paper. I’m sure someone out there loves Phyllis!

5) GIANT POSTER 25″ x 37″ reads:
in capital block print neon green on slick black paper
from New York City, 1989. These were posted all over New York streets to promo the show. Lone Star is now gone, but it was a great place for live music, run by Mort, who wore a hairpiece sewn into his hat. By the way, Mort was from New Jersey, not Texas. One of the nights I played here, the sound board blew up. Legend also has it that Paul Simon overheard Sting and Elton John sitting at a table talking about how square Paul was, and it gave him the motivation to do “Graceland.” (One of the only places I ever sang “This is a Man’s Man’s Man’s World” by James Brown.)
Framed with glass and brown wood: $125
Without frame: $85

7) 13 ” x 26 ” Black framed w/ glass poster of 17th annual Kennedy Center Imagination Celebration, April 27, 2002, Dallas, Texas. Has an illustration on black by a sixth grader of large, Matisse like shapes (very colorful) and my photograph in black and white on the very left side.

8) 16 3/4″ x 20 3/4″ Dark wood frame (no glass) computer illustration pressed on canvas signed by Ray Mel Cornelius on back from 1987. (This was pre- EQUAL SCARY PEOPLE, and Ray Mel went on to illustrate the cover for this album.)
Sara’s face (extreme close-up) with bowl of fruit in background, guitar, and strange wall paper. Tiny white linear hand holding a beautiful clef note that is growing leaves. Haunting and lovely. Feels like I am peering in on you.

9) Black framed/red mat with glass paper magazine cover of Sara from FM Fashion & Music Magazine, September 1989, Volume XX, Issue 16. Cover has me in GIANT black circular hat, big smile, long blonde hair, wearing a gold and black smoking jacket, holding my yellow hollow body guitar. At the bottom left it reads: SARA HICKMAN plus Kevin Paige Dallas Music Film Art Fashion. In very good condition, starting to yellow slightly.

10) Black frame/purple mat with glass paper magazine cover of Dallas Observer, April 12, 1990. “The Sublime Schizophrenia of Sara Hickman–see Music Awards Section Beginning Page 39”. I’m smiling, a BIG SMILE, cute haircut (just below ears), close up of me holding my hollow body guitar. At bottom it reads:
Dallas Observer Music Awards/Free tickets to Animation-23/Musicians Directory-68/USA Film Festival Schedule-page 35. Mark Mahan took the cover shot. In very good condition, starting to yellow slightly.

11) Blue jean jacket from 1989, size small. COMPLETELY covered in charms, buttons, bead work, and tiny paintings by Sara. Skeletons hanging on back along with EQUAL SCARY PEOPLE painted along bottom. Plastic fish sewn along bottom of front (they wiggle when you walk.) Very heavy. Makes a lot of jingly sounds when you wear it. You could never wear this to the airport. Great conversation piece, though.

If you buy it, I’ll send along a written description of all the items, where they came from, why I have them on the jacket, etc. ONE OF A KIND!!! Serious offers only, please.

12) NECESSARY ANGELS vest that I am wearing on the album cover of the same name. Handmade by Cynthia Goodman. Long periwinkle blue vest of heavy jute like material; inside is lavender cotton lining. All hand-dyed. Lime green and blue outlined chair hand sewn on the back. ONE OF A KIND. Serious offers only, please.

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