Mixing Y Mixing

More working on the record this morning.

Ok, whoever is reading this blog, I have a huge favor to ask. If it is still Tuesday, August 23 and it is between 9:30 am and, say, 1:30 pm, please think the most awesome thoughts you can. Send a little love my way. No, no…I changed my mind. Go for it and send huge, sloppy, wet kisses my way, hugs so glorious that I can feel your arms wrapping around my songs and squeezing them into perfection.

Then you can say:

“I was there during the mixes of Sara’s new record. I’M the one who helped make everything delicious. Without my love, Sara was floundering like an egg on a hot sidewalk. I scooped her up. I am the reason she makes music to this day. All the songs are about ME.”

I grant you permission to be grandiose and spill the beans about how much you added to this recording! Go hog wild. Make up stories about how we met over lunch and you said, “Hey, I really like how “Two Days Today” is sounding, but what if you…..” and then go into explicit detail of wanting to add a harpsichord and how I nodded my head, enthusiastically, muttering, “Brilliant, yes! Of COURSE!” into my dull, lukewarm coffee. You left the restaurant feeling on top of the world. You even left the waiter a $20 bill! You had to go. You ran to your car. You were on to your next project—re-kindling Freedy Johnston’s new mixes via the phone. (You had to help him over the phone because you were in the studio with Macy Gray begging her to please push her voice, to give more convincingly, on that love song the two of you wrote in Vegas last year.)

Do you see how much you bring? Bring it on, bring it on! and shine shine shine because I swear to God I enjoy your input and you center me. Thanks for keeping the circle in sight when my brain is fried from shows and I am pacing the floor. Your peace is my peace.

Here, please take this coffee crumble cake. I made it last night for you. I hope you enjoy cinnamon. There’s a lot mixed in.
Because I adore you!!! Really! I wanted you to taste the joy you bring.

Say, did you feel that hug? Are we picking up the same universal vibe?

Music! It’s everywhere! Let’s go!

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