Molly Ivins

I am in a hotel in Houston and just read USA Today and I was crushed to hear Molly has departed this world.

Not crushed because she has gone on to a heaven where I know she and Ann Richards are laughing their asses off…Not crushed because now I know she can tell all those crusty, hard line politicians what she REALLY thinks of their ideas/policies/bad strategies…Not crushed because she is out of pain….

But crushed because who could be another Molly? What other smart, funny, insightful, female, poodle-lovin’, larger than Texas woman could fill her shoes?
NO ONE. I am crushed because Molly isn’t here to speak out in her original way. A great, great Texas hero and legend and icon has left us. And her shoes will remain empty.

Molly: God bless you. Thank you for all the inspiration you brought to me. Thank you for letting me invade your home so many times. Thank you for hiring Betsy. Thank you for your rich laugh and twinkling eyes. Thank you for being tall, Molly. Thank you for being you.

I. am. so. sad.

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